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New Facebook Page Timeline Layout 2014

It will not be long now until all Facebook pages will be viewed in the new layout design. The changes have streamined the layout of pages and made it much easier for page admins to manage their pages, however one thing that brands are probably not going to be too happy about is the removal of custom tab images from below the cover photo. Up until now brands have been able to promote any additional pages with their own custom images. With the new design you wll only be see up to two custom tabs under your cover photo in text format but your fans will be able to view your custom tab images down on the left side of your page.

TIps on Viewing and editing your custom apps

When I first had a look at the new layout it took we a while to discover how to do a few things so here are a few tips on how to manage your custom apps and tabs:

Displaying and viewing your apps

You can display two custom apps under your cover photo and if you wish to add more apps they will be displayed by clicking More under the cover photo and also on tabs down the left side of your page. You can choose which ones to display by clicking More and then Manage Tabs where you will be able to drag and change the position of your apps.

Changing the text on your custom tabs

To change the text on your custom tab simply click Settings and Apps and then under the custom tab image click Edit Settings.

Adding images to custom tabs

Adding custom images to your tabs is really effective way of attracting users to your custom pages. To do this you need to create some eye catching images which fit in with your brand and add a clear call to action. You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 pixels. To upload or change image click Settings and then go to the app listing and click on Edit Settings and then Change where it says Custom Tab Image.

Changing the position of the custom tabs

You need to think carefully about which are your most important tabs and which ones you wish to appear under your cover photo. You can choose up to two which will display under your cover photo and any others you add will be features under the More tab. You can manage the position of your tabs by clicking More and then Manage Tabs and you can drag your apps into position.

Finding the URL to your custom page

If you wish to direct your users to a particular page simply click Settings and then Apps and then Link to this tab under the App description.

Would love to hear about what you think about the new layout. Do you think this is a change for the better?






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