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Why the new Facebook Group App is so good

Facebook Groups are a brilliant way to communicate with people in you niche. Everyday Millions of people are using them but up until now they have pretty much taken second place in the Facebook App. Using groups in the Facebook app has never been easy, not only are they difficult to find in the app but group alerts are mixed up with all the other notifications. However earlier this week Facebook announced the new dedicated app for both Android and IOS and Groups have been transformed from something that looked quite boring into something alive and colourful with this little app. Facebook are now giving groups more prominence.

If you've ever listened to Mark Zuckerberg or watched the development of the 'King of Social' sites then you'll know that Facebook is all about innovation,making things better, quicker and more efficient. This is exactly what they have done with the new app.

The new app not only makes your group memberships and conversations easier to manage but also offers additional features. You can easily organise your groups within the app by moving the icons exactly where you want to. You can postition the most important ones at the top by simply by holding your finger on the icon and then dragging it into position. Once you actually click on the group you want to view then you can easily move back to the group menu by just dragging the current group you are looking at down with your finger.

With the discovery tab, Facebook makes it really easy to find new groups. you can easily discover new groups in your niche as the app recommends groups to you based on your location and their popularity amongst the people you know.

Facebook have also added Group chat, until now you were only able to chat with one person but now you can have a conversation with everyone in the group at once.

In the settings tab you can set it so that when anyone posts in the group it sends you an email notification. You can even set up a group email address so members can keep in touch when they are not on Facebook. Now they can post directly to the group via email and the contents of the email will post automatically from the email. But hey who is ever away from Facebook?

Groups are still accessible in the main app but since I have installed the new app I'm using it and it is a much smoother and more sophisticated experience. Positioning your the main Facebook app, the Groups app and Messenger next to each other on your device is a very obvious tip I know but thought I'd just mention it anyway. It saves heaps of time and makes life much easier.

Have you installed the new Groups App yet? If so how are you finding it? Can you see anymore advantages? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.




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