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How to add one of those awesome Mailchimp signup forms and images to your Facebook Fan Page.

mailchimp signup2.jpg

Yesterday one of my lovely new buddies on LinkedIn asked me to explain in the group, and I'll use her words, how to create this awesome facebook/app with mailchimp opt-in like you have on your page?

It is really easy and is one of the best things you can do on your Facebook page to grow your email list and actually be able to deliver your message to your subscribers when ever you want to. So here goes!

Create your List

1.Sign up for your FREE, yes totally FREE, Mailchimp account.

2. Then create a list of subsribers. Go to 'Lists' and then click on 'Create'. You can call it something like Awesome Facebook Fan's

The next thing you need to do is build your form

Build your Form

1. Navigate to 'Lists' and then click on the dop down menu next to your list name and click on 'Sign Up Forms'.


2.) Then select General Form like below

Sign up.jpg

3. You will then arrive on the page, Create Forms. Firstly make sure you are on the 'Build it' tab as you can see below.This is where you can add the fields for your form that will appear on your Facebook page.


Mailchimp offers you three fields by default, first name, last name and email address. You can add fields on the right and choose from a selection of field types; Text, number and date etc. My advice is to have a few fields as possible as generally people don't like form filling. You can remove fields by simply clicking on the field in the form and then clicking the minus button. You can also change position of the fields in the form by clicking and dragging them up or down in the form.

Once you have decided and set your fileds it's time to add your image and make your form look enticing for your visitors. So here is how to design it.

Design your Form

1. Click on the design tab . You will see, on this page below, there are the following tabs, Page, Body and Form.

create forms.jpg

2. You can click on the Page tab to change the background colour of the page. Simply add the hex colour that you want your background to be. You can also change the background of your form by clicking on 'Body'

and adding your hex colour to the box provided.

3. To add your image to your form simply click on 'Forms' and then hover over the area shown in the image below and click edit.

hover mouse.jpg

Once you have clicked 'Edit' you will see the following:

image icon.jpg

4. Simply upload your image by clicking the image icon (see above) and then you will be able to upload your image file to Mailchimp. Mailchimp lets you change your image size so you can make it fit your page properly. When you have uploaded it simply click Save and insert

You will then see your image and form something like this below.


Now you are ready to integrate this with Facbook and add your Facebook tab Label.

Integrate with Facebook

1. Click on your name on the top right and then click on 'Account' and then 'Integrations'

2. Click on Facebook ( add subscribe form to a facebook page and autopost campaigns)

3. You will then be asked to login to your facebook account.

4. You will then be taken to this screen below and asked to select the page where you want to add your form and the list you want to send to.

So I have selected The Alex Stearn Page and the 'Awesome Facebook fans' List.

select list.jpg

5. On the Use signup form tab select Yes and then select the form theme 'My List's Theme'. ( if you select Facebook - Esque form the drop down you will get the mailchimp default sign up form )

6. Then add the text you want to add on The tab Label. This is what will appear on the Page under your cover photo.

7. Click save and Ta Da you have your Sign up tab and signup page on facebook. So do and check out your page and you should have something like this.

facebook page.jpg

I wish you all the best creating your own sign up page and for more tips and social media news and of course my FREE ebook please sign up below!




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