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Why The Call to Action Buttons have made Facebook Pages even better for your Business

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The other day it hit me how accustomed I had become with Facebook Business pages and how I was actually visiting websites less and preferring to visit Facebook pages more when looking for information on a businesses and brands. It suddenly occurred to me that I was beginning to trust a Facebook page more than a website page. I asked myself why this was and the answer was, it was simply easier and quicker as I knew exactly where to go to find what I wanted to know, I could check on what other people were saying about the brand and also see how much the page owner cared about his /her customers by the response to comments. I just felt happier being on the page and more in contact with the brand somehow than I did on the website which I know probably sounds crazy but just shows the power of Facebook and social proof.

Even though organic reach on Facebook Pages has decreased somewhat in the last few months and many are dissapointed, Facebook is still a great way to keep in touch and offer value to prospects and customers. There are now more than 30 million business pages on Facebook and and businesses are still setting up new pages in their droves. Facebook has created an invaluable free service for businesses to connect and keep customers and prospects updated with their products and services. Now the user experience is even better with the introduction of the call to action buttons which Facebook have been rolling out since December 2014. I would say by now the majority of businesses have the opportunity to add a call to action button to their Facebook page.

The seven call to actions button that are available are;

Book Now (Book appointments or book tables or hotel rooms)

Contact Us (To help customers to find your local business or contact you )

Shop Now Drives people straight where you sell your products.

Sign Up (Very effective if you want to grow your email list

Watch Video

Use App

Play Game

If you haven't added your button yet then I would seriously consider doing so. These buttons are great for a few reasons;

A.) Call to actions work. A call to action is the most effective tactic to convert random traffic into loyal customers

B.) These buttons have given business owners the clarity they need to actually decide what goals they want to focus on for their Facebook page. Up until now there has been a certain vagueness about Facebook pages for businesses but now these buttons are the icing on the cake and have made it even easier for the Facebook page visitor or liker to take action and the owner to benefit from this action.

C.) Allow businesses to measure their success of their page.

Since I added the 'Sign Up' call to action on my cover photo my sign ups have increased by 50% which has made me very happy. I can see this easily because Facebook have added this great little bar to the right of the cover photo which details these statistics. These statistics are great for testing because they let you see how effective each call to action is . For instance you could try and test the various calls to action one week at a time to see which one is the msot effective, you nver know you may be surprised.

How to add your Call to action Button to your Facebook Page

Adding your call to action is incredibly simple. You simply click on the Call to action button on your cover photo and then click Edit Call-to-action from the drop down list . It it will offer you seven options to choose from and then you simply add the URL where you want your visitor to go to . If you want to make it more obvious then you can add an arrow to your cover photo to help draw attention to the button.

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To help track your success you can add Custom Campaign parameters to your URLS so you see how many visits your call to action button is driving to your destination URL . This is very straightforward and incredibly useful, please see details at this link

Have you added your call to action button? Do you thinking it is working ? Do you have any more tips?




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