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How to construct the perfect Tweet on Twitter

If you have had any experience on Twitter then you will know there is a huge amount of noise out there, a huge number of Tweets and a huge number of people trying to gain attention. We are all in Twitter for a reason and if that main reason is for business then you have to be tweeting with purpose. Maybe you simply want to increase awareness of your brand or you want to drive traffic to a particular page or maybe your aim is to grow your email list. Whatever your purpose is, in order to do any of the mentioned, you need to consistently provide your followers with a regular stream of high quality Tweets. On Twitter every Tweet is important, after all whatever you say and how you say it is representing you and your brand.

Here are some tips on how to construct the perfect Tweet so you can cut through the noise, get noticed and offer your followers the best possible experience on Twitter.

1. Pick your right topic or subject Pick a subject or topic which is of interest to your target audience and which is also related to your brand in some way. If you know your target audience then this should be straightforward. There is a mass of information you could tweet about but it's up to you to drill down and find those golden nuggets that are going to make you stand out from the crowd and offer your followers value.

2. Keep your Tweets short, engaging and to the point Shorter tweets are more likely to be read than lengthy ones. Try and keep your tweets under 100 characters , this gives retweeters the space they need to add a comment if they wish. The aim is not always to give everything away in the tweet but to provide just enough information so your followers want to click the link you provide and get them to take that action you want them to take. Wherever possible try and add a call to action.

3.) Provide a URL The more often you can provide a link to your own content the better. Make sure it is a shortened URL . This not only saves space but a URL shortener also this makes in very easy to track how effective your tweets are at driving traffic to your site.

4.) Include an image Tweets with images get a 150% increase in retweets. Buffer tested this and the results were incredible. In a study they conducted Tweets with images received 18% more clicks , 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. I know for a fact that I pay more attention to images, the Twitter stream can be so fast and when I'm scrolling down it's the images that catch my attention 90 % of the time. It's time consuming to create images but it's worth it and even if you are creating one a day it will definitely be worth it. Flickr is a great place to source images and Picmonkey and Canva both offer amazing tools to add text and edit your image.

5.) Complete your tweet with a hashtag Hashtags can really help to increase your reach on Twitter . They can draw more of your target audience to your content . Try not to add more than one or two at a time or you will use up too much space.

6.) Practice Once you start creating you will work out what is working and what is not and the more you create the better you will get at creating awesome Tweets.

I hope these tips help with your Twitter campaign.Do you have any more tips ? Would love to hear about your Tweeting experiences in the comments below.

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