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7 Tips for a Powerful Twitter Bio

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Who would have thought that constructing a 160 character bio could be so challenging? But it is, especially if you want to make it really compelling and you want stand out from the crowd. There are literally millions of people on Twitter so writing a really good bio is really important if you want to get found and tempt your ideal customer to follow you. Don't forget your Twitter bio will be one of the most visible descriptions on Google search too so it's definitely worth spending some time on getting it right.

If you are anything like me then you have probably read hundreds of bio's, they can be a bit predictable and unless I suddenly come across of really interesting one I quickly start to glaze over! When I see one that really interests me it's more often than not because they have included one of the following key elements

1. They are clear about what they do

There is no point in being cryptic here. The point of a bio being only 16 characters is so it can quickly and succinctly communicate to prospective followers exactly what you do.

2.) They sound fun cool and exciting

Some profiles just sound cool or fun. I often feel compelled to follow a profile for this reason alone.

3.) They communicate to their target audience

Make sure you include words that relate to your niche and be specific to.For instance, you may blog but make it clear what you blog about This will confirm again to your audience that you are going to be of interest to them.

4.) They sound valuable to their target audience.

Remember it's always more about audience than you so you need to communicate this, how you are going to help or provide value to your followers?

5.) They sound authentic and real

You are more than your logo. Show your followers who the real person is by adding a bit about yourself like a hobby. Successful Tweeters want to build relationships with their followers so adding something extra about yourself will go a long way to helping people feel that they know a bit extra about you. It also helps people remember you more easily.

6.) They sound interesting and unique

There is often something a little bit different about these profiles that make them stand out they say something a bit quirky or unique but whatever it is compels you to click the follow button.

7.) They often use hashtags

Hashtags can really help to get you found in search so adding a hashtag behind a relevant keyword is an excellent idea to get you found on Twitter.

Does a bio tempt you to follow an account? If so what elements make you follow and are there any other elements that make a bio irresistible




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