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Facebook Pages are changing AGAIN?

Facebook really like keeping us on our toes don't they . This month they are rolling out changes to the layout of our business pages.

The addition of the 'Call to Action' buttons earlier this year has made our pages even more effective at driving actions and now it seems they want to make them even better. I say that because Facebook rarely do things without testing so they must have a very good idea that these changes are going to work even better for businesses.

The cover photo is rumoured to be having a much cleaner finish, all the buttons featured below the cover photo and the main call to action button will be seen by visitors much more clearly on the left side of the page or/and on the main cover photo.

Here is a summary of the changes

  • 1. Smaller profile photos (90 x 90)

  • 2. Smaller page name and description

  • 3. Page tab links have moved to the left

  • 4. Like and share buttons have also moved to under cover photo

  • 5. Page admins can now view as a visitor

  • 6. Call-to-action buttons are more noticeable

Many US pages have already switched over to the new layout but many still can not actually see the changes. The layout below gives an idea of the layout but some are reported that there is a big blue 'Call to Action button' on the right side of cover photo.

What do you think about the possible changes to the layout. Let me knowin the comments below if you page layout has changed yet?




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