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Facebook Introduces New Message Requests and Phases out the 'Other' Folder

Some more great news this week from Facebook, they are phasing out the other folder and introducing 'Message Requests'. Previously if you were sending a message to a 'non' friend your message would arrive in their 'Other' folder which was almost like a secret folder and if they were not inquisitive enough or simply hadn't noticed this folder your message would often be left unseen.

Now your message will arrive in their Message request folder where they can read the message and decide whether they wish to reply or not and without the sender knowing if they have read it or not. If they decide to reply to your message the message will be moved to their inbox. If they do not want to reply they can choose to ignore with swipe on the messenger app.

So who goes directly to your inbox?

  • Your Facebook Friends

  • People you currently have an open thread with

  • Other contacts you have synced

Facebook is rolling out this feature now and hopefully you will already see your message requests. I am really happy about this, I was constantly forgetting to check my other folder so fro me this is really good news. What are your thoughts about the new message feature?




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