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Twitter introduces new Poll Feature.

Have you tried out Twitter's new Poll feature yet?

If you are serious about your social media marketing campaign then you will probably always be on the look out for new ways to engage your audience. Well here is a really quick and easy way to do this with Twitter Polls.

Twitter started rolling out Twitter polls to their users only a few weeks ago. You can now create your own two choice poll and it's as easy as 123. Simply type your question where you would usually compose your tweet and then add your answers to the answer boxes click tweet and away you go.

The poll will remain live for 24 hours and then Twitter automatically tallies up the results. You can vote on any poll, and how you voted is not shared publicly. You'll also be able to compose your poll on the mobile app too.

  • Polls on Twitter can be used for all sorts of things, to measure peoples interest and opinions and generally to engage your audience. Here are some things you can use Twitter Polls for in your business;

  • To find out customer preference about a product , for example which colour or style they prefer?

  • To find out the preferred prize for a contest.

  • Create engagement regarding a trending topic.

  • To find out how your audience like to consume content , for example Blog or Video.

To make the most of your poll make sure you add the hashtag #poll or/and #TwitterPoll and the hashtag of a trending topic if you are creating a poll about one. You can also ask your followers for a Retweet so you can get as many people opinions as possible. Have fun :)

Can you think of any other ways you can use Twitter Polls for business?

Would love hear your ideas , please feel free to comment below.




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