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How to get more traffic to your Blog by sharing other peoples content.

This gem of a tip is going to get you more traffic to your content while at the same time delighting your audience with varied content that may be you just don't have the time to create yourself.

Social Media marketing is all about gaining attention and building great relationships with people and the most effective way of doing this is by sharing great content. Once you know who your target audience are and what they like, you can be the source of the information that they love.

If you are a small business or solpreneur then you may struggle to give your followers a constant stream of content that you have created. If you are on Twitter where you really need to be tweeting very regularly you may find it near impossible to create the amount of content required. It's time consuming writing blog posts and even getting out a weekly blog post can sometimes be a challenge. So the in order to delight your audience with a continual flow of content, curating is next best thing.

When mentioning this to business owners their main concern has always been the same, 'Why would I share other peoples content?' They worry that by sharing other peoples content they are not going to benefit their own business. Well here are three reason why sharing other peoples content will definitely benefit your business;

1.) By sharing other peoples great content your target audience will see you are the source of this great information. Having anything positive associated with your brand is always a good thing. Remember on social media YOU ARE WHAT YOU SHARE!

2.) By sharing you are gaining the attention of the content creator and they more likely to notice your content and possibly share yours at a later date.

3.) Curating other people's content allows you to share great content quickly and offer your followers a continual stream of the information that they love.

So those are three great reasons and here is the another. I discovered this great little website which lets you share other people's great content while at the same time promoting yours.

Here is an example. Imagine I have tweeted the link to someone else's blog post , well when that link is clicked by a follower or fan my blog post titles are visible on the bottom right. I think that's pretty cool.

So here's how you do it.

1. Go to Sign up using your Twitter or email account

2 Click on 'My Recommended Content' and Add the links to your content you want to share. You can add and delete link links as and when required. I've just added some new ones here below.

3. Now Click on 'My Links' and add links to other people's content you want to share

4. Simply copy the new Startafire link. Now you can start posting other content that you think your audience will love and benefit form recieving more traffic to your own blog to. your links on Social media. Startafire keeps track of how many people clicked on your link so you can see if it's working.

I hope you liked this little tip. Would love to hear how you get on if you start using it or maybe you are already using it.

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