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How a Jukebox could literally quadruple your Twitter engagement and save you time

Have you ever had that feeling of complete satisfaction (verging on smug!) when you found something that well, just changed your life? Well this might sound somewhat dramatic but I found something last year that I've been itching to tell you about and it just keeps getting better and better. As a social media strategist and author of 9 books about social media, my working life pretty much revolves around social media so anything new and innovative gets me pretty pumped.

Last year I was using a social media tool which was great but I was getting a little bit cheesed off scheduling my posts and uploading boring spreadsheets. It seemed that my dream of entrepreneurialism was being shattered by performing these fairly mundane and banal tasks. Instead of spending the majority of time creating interesting and compelling content and actually engaging on social I was scheduling. Don't get me wrong I am all for saving time and always looking for the least line of resistance especially when it comes to admin tasks, but what I was doing was no longer working the way I wanted it to for my business.

As my social media journey grew and I became more and more experienced I started dreaming of the perfect solution to my scheduling frustrations and problems. Maybe one day I would invent something that would do everything I wanted it to.

Here are some of problems and frustrations I was experiencing with scheduling;

1.) I have certain posts that go out every week at the same time but yet I still have to schedule every single one of them.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be great if I could use a tool to post this once and then it automatically posts this at the same time very week for me.

2.) When I create a blog post (which takes me at least three hours ) the average % of people who will see that the one time I post it on Twitter is minuscule. I wish I could get more people to see my post.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be amazing if I could post that just once and then tell this tool to post this once every day at different times of the day for the next 6 months or however long I want.

4.) I'm getting really bored of adding my 9 books to my schedule and having to upload the images each time.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be great if I can upload them one time and tell this tool to post these intermittently over the day, weeks and months and I wouldn't have to worry anymore.

5.) How can I tell as many people as possible about the social media news without spending all day long tweeting at different times of the day.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be great if I can tell a tool to post this piece of these twice a day for the next month and then it would automatically to stop posting when I told it to.

6.) I have so many great image posts that I have created, they take an age to create yet only a small number of people see them at one time. Sometimes I just feel I am wasting so much time.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be great if I could just upload them to one tool and tell the tool how often I want those images posted, Wouldn't it be great if every time I create an image post I could just add it to the tool and just forget about it .

7.) I have some great posts for certain days of the week but once I have posted thats it, only a small number of people will see them but it took me ages to create.

My Dream

Wouldn't it be great if I could post these so they appear on the same day every six months.

8.) Any scheduling tool on the market that offers any where near what I want is hugely expensive

My Dream

I wish I could get an affordable tool that will give me all the functionality i'm looking for.

Ok, so one afternoon about 6 months ago I'm on Twitter. I spend loads of time on Twitter,

I can honestly say it's becoming my favourite platform, I just love the ease of finding amazing people and finding amazing content, it truly inspires me. Well I was reading and article about Twitter etiquette, I am pretty sure written by Ted Coine (who I am a massive fan of ) and it mentioned this new tool called

DRUM ROLL..........

TweetJukeBox. I was intrigued to say the least, and as I began to watch the videos and learn about this new tool I became excited and well, ecstatic when I found out there was a free version, I signed up immediately.

Tweet Jukebox was literally everything I had dreamed of. ( I have absolutely no affiliation by the way ) I quickly wrote to Tim Fargo ( Founder of Tweet Jukebox) to thank him for bringing this amazing tool to the internet and ask him if I could add more accounts. Here is my initial Email to Tim Fargo ) President of Tweet Jukebox , As you can see I was quite excited! :)

I have been using it every since for Twitter, it has literally quadrupled my engagement on Twitter, saved me hours, improved my content and most importantly improved the Twitter experience for my followers.

While I was on the free version I was emailing Tim with any ideas and requests and sure enough every time I would get a message from Tim himself. In November the paid version was introduced and I literally skipped to the payment cart, I was so happy to add my other two accounts. At last! An affordable scheduling tool ( I hate to call it a scheduling tool as it sounds quite boring and Tweet Jukebox is so much more ) or management tool.

So here's how it works and believe me it's so easy;

1.) You sign up and add your Twitter Account

2.) You can sign up for a free account which gives you 2 jukeboxes, 300 tweets,5 scheduled tweets,1 linked twitter account and 50 thank you tweets.


Here are the other plans . So affordable

When Social Jukebox arrives Advanced plans will rise from $12.99 to $24.99. ( still massivley cheaper than it's nearest competitor and does twice as much )Heavy users' favorite Pro Plan will increase from $24.99 to $49.99, and the highly flexible and powerful Business Plan will increase from $49.99 to $99.99.

3.) Once signed up you will have access to your Tweet jukebox dashboard. Here is what my Tweet Jukebox looks like;

I have numbered the menu on the left so I can clearly explain it's components to you.

1. My Jukeboxes This is where all your singing and dancing jukeboxes are. You could look at a Jukebox as a category or type of tweet. I have 5 Jukeboxes, one for my Books, one for Free Quotes ( comes free, mine is tuned off) Photo Quotes, Social Media Tips and My Text tweets . You can set up yours however you wish.

This is where you add and store all your tweets, images and then schedule your tweets. You can schedule exactly how many times you want to tweet every day of the week and at what time intervals. See below the 'Schedule' page;


2. Add A NewJukeBox

3. Scheduled Tweets ( One of my favourites )

So I have just uploaded a Tweet about a new blog post about the recent changes to Facebook Pages for Business. This will be old news in a month, so I have scheduled it to go out every 6 hours for a month and then it stops. Honestly how cool is that? This means I just add it once and can hit as many people as possible in different time zones. When it's not longer news, for example, in a months time, I set it to stop . This is also great for seasonal promos, regular weekly posts etc.

4. Recent mentions This give you a list of all your recent mentions. What I love about this is you can go straight to the persons twitter account from this page and then give them some Twitter love by either replying or retweeting one of their tweets :) I love Hootsuite for monitoring and replying to mentions and retweets but it doesn't let you navigate straight to another Twitter account in one click. Tweet Jukebox does.

5. Visual Schedule This is great for seeing your scheduled tweets at a glance.

6. Switch Accounts If you have more than one account then this is where you switch to add and schedule on another account.

So they we have it , Tweet Jukebox , what I think is the best Scheduling tool for Twitter available and soon available for Facebook, Linkedin. It's answered every problem I had with all the other scheduling tools, it's great value for money and most of all I don't feel overwhelmed anymore. I can keep adding and sharing great content, feel very smug! And actually have time to be social on social media.


What I find even more amazing is that Tim Fargo actually designed this tool to use for himself to solve his scheduling problems but then realised how much it would help everyone else. Thank you Tim for sharing with us, I almost feel like starting a fan club!

I really urge you to sign up for your free account and try it for yourself. It is so easy to set up and there are loads of tutorials too if you need them. Here is the link for your free Trial I would love to hear how you are getting on and how you are using it. Please feel free to post in the comments below.

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