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How Not to get hacked and lose your account on Instagram

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find you couldn't log into your Instagram account and found out your Instagram Account had been stolen? Imagine months of building your audience only to find you didn't have access any longer . You'd probably feel a little bit blue if not devastated , angry and shocked. Well this is unfortunately a reality. With 400 million users in Instagram , it's now a serious powerhouse for business, accounts with large followings are extremely valuable and Accounts are being hacked.

These hackers are taking over accounts , sending out their own product features , scanning offers or they could delete all your photos . Grim to say the least! And it can be really hard to get your account back . But there are steps you can do to stop this so don't despair . 🔒

Instagram now offer , two way factor authentication to fight hackers . The tool allows Instagram users to verify a phone number . If anyone logs into your account with email and password . You will be sent an authentication code that must be entered to get access to your account . This helps keep your account more secure by keeping hackers out . It means they need more than a username and password .

To set up go to your settings , ( the great icon on the top right) then scroll down to two way authentication ( if you don't see this then uninstall and then reinstall the app on your phone . Then simply add your phone number and switch on. 'Require Security Code' Instagram will then send you a text with a code which you add to authenticate your Account . Now your account is more secure. The other thing you can do is make your password as complex as possible.

I hope this tip has been helpful. Make sure you double authenticate, it only takes a few minutes .

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